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Many business owners spend so much time managing their business financial matters and neglect their personal finances. They are often unsure where to direct their savings.

The Challenge and Solution

Raja and Sunita came to us for direction. They were accumulating savings from a successful business. However, their lack of time meant their personal affairs were not being adequately managed. They understood making sound decisions was important to their families’ future, so they came to us.

You may be:

  • Paying significant levels of taxation and want to change this
  • Have a business plan, however, struggle to work on your family financial plan
  • Are considering exiting your business and want to develop a plan for the future
  • Accumulating wealth within the business and want to understand how to make the best personal use of these funds

We became their ongoing sounding board and advisors. See how we helped them understand where they are headed with their money:

By putting your cash flow to good use now, means that your ideal life becomes less reliant on business success. Call it a “Plan B”, however we think of it as your “Plan A”.

The Moral of the Story: The most important piece of financial advice Raja and Sunita received was that they should focus on the business and let the professionals deal with financial matters.

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